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Rabbi Allen S Maller, Page 5

The 10th Plague…

  Anti-Muslim Activity as a Tenth Plague  by Rabbi Allen S. Maller There are many forms of anti-Muslim activity. Some of them …

Quran and Torah – the story of Moses

“..the Arab people, the Arab language and the Muslim understanding of the unity of God are closer to my own people, language and concept of God than that of any other religious community on earth.”

A Rabbi Allied with Prophet Muhammad

“the story of Rabbi Mukhayriq who died fighting in that battle against the enemies of Islam… Rabbi Mukhayriq was the first Jewish martyr of Islam.”

Abraham, the Friend of God

Abraham: The Friend of God Rabbi Allen S Maller Most people in the world have learned of Abraham, not by reading a …

A Jewish Rabbi learns from Prophet Muhammad sws

“Thus, prophets are siblings in faithfulness to the One God, but their message differs because it must be appropriate to their motherland, their mother people, and their mother tongue. The words, the rituals, the customs, and the specific aspects of ethics and morals may differ, but the goal of living and loving according to Allah’s will is the same…”