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Prof. Yusef Waghid

Islam’s Challenge to Sham Democracy (Eid al-Fitr lecture)

This day we contemplate our physical, intellectual and spiritual advances made during a period of intense and committed fasting. We also remember the physically and cognitively disadvantaged, the poor and needy, the sick and deceased…

Cultivating a Mi’raj and Isra of deliberative rationality

Critical, rational inquiry has been the work of Muslim philosophers for a long time: al-Farabi’s persuasion consists in offering argumentative reasons for holding a certain position; ibn Sina’s dialectics involves a process of rational argumentation…

Historic Islamic Higher Education Discourse

This meeting was not just a social gathering attended by `ulama, professionals, academics and educators, but also one characterised by a heightened sense of intellectualism, emotion and the quest to cultivate dialogical partnerships among different Muslim higher education institutions in the Western Cape, South Africa.