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Osman Latif

Ma sha Allah: Acknowledge Allah with gratitude (Sura Al Kahf)

By Osman Latif (Uthman Lateef)
“We should always humbly attribute our success and our wealth to Allah. Sura Al Kahf shows us the example of a man so puffed up with self-importance that he humiliated his poorer neighbour and forgot to thank Allah. His wealth was destroyed overnight, and his neighbour gently reminded him to acknowledge the Will of Allah; not to massage his own ego…

Fulfilling the needs of others

  by Dr Uthman Lateef This inspiring talk describes Prophet Muhammad’s concern for the destitute, even as a young 20 year old, …

Message to the Youth

UL Message to the Youth, Stokey 01.01.10 This khutbah was delivered at Stoke Poges Lane Mosque, Slough, on 1st January 2010

Play and Amusement

UL Play and Amusement – Cardiff Khutbah al-Manar 30.04.10 This khutbah was delivered in Cardiff, Wales, on 30 April 2010. Al Manar

Himma – aspire firmly towards Allah

“To cultivate himma, a resolute spiritual aspiration towards Allah, just add 5% to your extra prayers, to your good deeds, and build on that…”