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Omar Tarhuni, Page 4

Lessons From the Intifáda

In recent days there were protest marches everywhere led by young people who were fed up with Israeli arrogance and brutality. They are fed up with American injustice and bias.

Building Power to Defend Islam

America pays 60% of the UN funds. Therefore, no person may be appointed as Secretary General without the blessing of the White House. No resolution may be adopted or implemented without their consent.

Ramadhán 2000

It is a reality that none of us is perfect. We all have some weaknesses and shortcomings and we find ourselves committing sins out of ignorance or out of submission to our desires and whims.

The Good Deeds

The good deed should not only aim to please Allah and bring benefit to the believer but should also aim to prevent an evil act detested by Allah…

Finding Alláh’s Help, and Victory

Do we follow its rules and implement them in all aspects of our daily life? Do we obey its commands? Do we understand its lessons and examples?

Moral Vaccination

There are moral ills and diseases and they are just as contagious as physical diseases and illnesses. The medical principle of early immunization also applies to the moral state of our soul.