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Omar Tarhuni, Page 3

Faith and Knowledge

Is a person a Muslim just because he is a son or a grandson of a Muslim? Is A Muslim… born a Muslim just as a Christian son is born a Christian or a Jewish son is born a Jew?

Death and Deeds

Every single one amongst us has something, which he loves or values. But the things which people love and adore differ from one person to another.

Conclusion of Ramadan

Did we fast because Allah imposed it on us or just because we have been used to it from our childhood? Were our intentions to please Him or to please and impress others?

Concept of Worship

In some religions worship is a means to develop in man the attitude of harshness and isolation from life. In these religions, Ibadah or worship, seeks to develop a mentality which makes the enjoyment of the pleasures of this world as hateful and sinful thing.


The message of Islam is also not restricted to a particular place, people, or class. It addresses all nations, races, people and classes. In Islam there is no nation or people who can claim that they are the “chosen people” and that all others should be subjected to them.


Bankruptcy in this life is unpleasant, to say the least, but it may be overcome one way or another. The bankrupt may be able to recover from this hardship. He may be lucky and fortunate. Some one may lend him or help him to stand on his feet.


It’s one of the greatest sins and yet it’s something we do day after day. Sometimes we don’t even realise it. You’re just chatting away with your friends and you begin to talk about somebody else.

The concept of Taqwa and some of its aspects (Part 2)

We can strive, we can plan, make decisions, we can move, but we cannot guarantee the results of any of our acts. If we get successful, then this is a blessing from Alláh for which we should be thankful and grateful.