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Omar Galal, Page 5

Islam is Green

Islam has always promoted a “green” agenda: respect for the environment, avoiding greed, waste and pollution. This very modern concern is at least 14 centuries old….

Companions of the Cave

The story of the companions of the cave has many meanings: Total reliance on Allah, turning youthful energies in to good works and pursuing your dreams to create a better society…

Ramadhan Reflections: Hypocrisy and Sincerity

One night before battling the Crusaders, Salahuddin walked among the tents of his troops. Some were filled with laughter, music and merriment. Others were hushed with prayer, dhikr and contemplation. “From these will come the Victory for Islam,” he remarked, “and from those will come our destruction.” ….

Seven Stages of Sin

Even if we avoid big sins, Shaitan is ever keen to mislead us in small sins that accumulate…..

Legacy of the Companions: Omar ibn al Khattab [r.a.]

Power, Justice and Mercy are rarely found all together in any leader today. Caliph ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab personified these virtues, and set an example of leadership that has nowhere been equalled ever since…..