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Farooq Khan

Backbiting is a Major Sin

By Farooq Khan
“Backbiting is such a serious sin, that Prophet Muhammad sws compared it to “eating the flesh of your dead brother.”
This social evil is rampant, and it undermines good human relationships….

The Reality of Fasting

By Farooq Khan
“The purpose of fasting and the purpose of Ramadan are different. The purpose of fasting is to develop Taqwa. The purpose of Ramadan is to get closer to the Qur’an. The spirit of Ramadan is lost if you don’t come out of it knowing a little more Qur’an than you did before. The spirit is lost if you don’t come out of Ramadan more in love with the Qur’an than you were before.”

Welcoming Ramadan

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Allah invites you to paradise

Allah invites to Paradise and to forgiveness, by His permission قال الله تعالى Allah swt says in Surah an-Nisa 4 v28: “Allah …

Guarding the tongue

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