A new Muslim reflects on the last 10 days of Ramadan…

A new convert reflects on the last 10 days of Ramadan

By Lisa Suhay

Altmuslimah, 22 June 2017

As a very new Muslim at the end of my first ever Ramadan I believe Islam should come with a warning label, but not for the reason many non-Muslims might think. WARNING: Ramadan may cause addiction to Islam and community.

The first week of Ramadan was overwhelming. While I had no difficulty fasting due to previous health fasts involving juicing, I was worried that I would forget not to drink. For me, thirst is far more powerful than hunger.

Because my family isn’t Muslim and my husband has strongly objected to all things Islam, I found myself gravitating to the masjid (mosque). Breaking the daily fast at Iftar at the masjid was a bigger reward than the new cultural foods I shared there.

No matter how unkind people were to me for my choice to become Muslim, there was always a very large, welcoming family waiting for me.

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