Open Letter to Madame Mayor of London, Ontario, Canada

From: Peace and Justice Activist
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2007 11:24 AM

Madame Anne Marie DeCicco-Best
Mayor of London

Dear Madame Mayor:

I never mentioned it to you nor took credit for it, but during your last elections, I campaigned for you vigorously in my community, even though during the previous Federal Elections, I was a strong supporter of your opponent, Mr. Joe Fontana, and had walked with him knocking doors canvassing for him. I never mentioned this to you, because, it was simply my civic duty to see the better candidate get elected.
I can not forget what you did right after 911. We, the members of the Muslim Community, were bracing for violent reactions against us, from fringe elements. You showed great leadership, by arranging for a multi-faith prayer meeting at the Victoria park. I worked on your team and we had a very successful event. After that, our Christian friends came and surrounded the mosque, forming a human chain, symbolically saying ‘ We will protect our fellow Muslim Londoners’. We can never forget such a wonderful sentiment shown by our fellow Londoners and the Mayor.

I must say we are disappointed this time, by your voting for the ribbons. Don’t mistake – We ARE for our troops, but the message of the ribbon is deceptive and misleading. Had it said “We support our troops -so we want them home”, or ” We support our Troops, but not the War” or some other similar message, we would have whole-heartedly supported the ribbons.

Madame Mayor, all wars are evil, even though the war-mongers would justify them giving various pretexts, and demonize the victims beyond recognition. Deceptions and lies are the first tools of war.

You, as a woman, and hopefully a future mother, ought to oppose war, because the first victims of war are women. And the worst victims of war are also the women.

They are the ones who get raped and then murdered. We saw that in its ugliest form in Bosnia, when the Serb marauders raped women and tore up their bellies. Even our Gen. McKenzie is accused of war crimes against women. “In December- same year – the chief Bosnian military prosecutor in Sarajevo, Mustafa Bisic, formally charged Gen. Lewis MacKenzie with sexual misconduct against civilians while on duty in Bosnia, and requested that the UN revoke his diplomatic immunity. MacKenzie was accused of raping several Bosnian women being held captive in a Serbian prison camp, as a “gift” from Serbian officials. The victims were later executed by Serbian soldiers, allegedly to ‘erase evidence’.”-

In Somalia, our forces raped women and committed human rights violations and unimaginable, racially motivated atrocities. In one case, they roasted a Somali over a pit of fire and took trophy photographs. All these details are in the archives of our government’s Somalia War crime Investigations.

In Palestine, most victims are women. Many pregnant women and their new born babies die at Israeli check points.

Israeli interrogators not only rape Palestinian women detainees, but also take videotapes of the rapings to blackmail the victims. ( Because our media hides these horrors, we rarely hear about them.

Over a million children have died in Iraq alone as a result of using nuclear tipped weapons in the US bombings. A large number of children are burnt alive by chemical weapons. Mangled and deformed children are being born, and will continue to be born for many generations to come, as Iraq has been turned into a radioactive wasteland. The victims are, again women – the mothers, who will weep and agonize, when they are delivered with such badly deformed babies, until the babies die excruciating deaths. This will go on for many generations, as the half-life of depleted Uranium lasts BILLIONS of years.

Now the same horror is faced by the women of Afghanistan. The US administration and their misguided feminist groups justified attacking Afghanistan, using maltreatment of women as the pretext. But the end result is that the very women they were supposed to ‘save’ from the Taliban are blown up into pieces, and others turned into widows, and their lovely children made into a pulp.

Now, after US blasted Afghanistan with radio-active weapons, the new born babies and their mothers are paying a terrible price. Their photographs are not shown by our media, claiming ‘they are too graphic’, but the real reason is they want to hide these horrors from us, so the warlords could go on with their crimes unobstructed.

These photos are heart-wrenching, but we must see what is being done in our name and decide if we want any part of it. I must however warn you the pictures are very disturbing :

In closing, I have just one request to make of you and your council members. Please click on the link below and watch the documentary “Breaking Silence” by Mr. John Pilger, a well respected, independent journalist, known for impeccable integrity.This documentary will provide you facts that our media has hidden from the public, and the real reason why the US attacked Afghanistan. Then, please decide if our young men and women should die there and kill innocent Afghans. And also remember that while the Afghans harboured no enmity towards Canada, whenever our soldiers kill an innocent person, the loved ones are forced to take revenge. So, for every Afghan our soldiers kill, a hundred enemies rise up against Canada.

In Peace, (Eng.) Meer Sahib.