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Dr. Husni Hammuda

Where are today’s Muslim historians?

By Dr Husni Hammuda
“600 years ago, Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah (Prolegomena, or Introduction to history) laid the foundations for modern Sociology and Demography. He saw history as a process of causes and effects, rather than just a list of dates and events. Where are our modern Muslim Ibn Khalduns? If we don’t write our own history, someone else will, using their own bias and prejudice. We will then only have ourselves to blame….”

Helping Muslims in Aleppo and other war zones

By Dr Husni Hammuda
“The people of Syria are like you and me: They had homes, jobs, schools, and suddenly their whole world is turned upside down. No one is there to help them. They deserve our help. Give whatever you can: money, food, clothing: anything that can help restore their dignity, their lives, their safetly…”

The Verse of Light: Ayatul Nur

By Dr Husni Hammuda
“Light upon light means, Allah’s light of Guidance falling on your Fitra, your unblemished soul, your pure, natural disposition…”

Why is Friday the best day of the week?

By Dr Husni Hammuda
“The day of Jumma (Friday) is so important for many reasons:
The scholars tell us that it is greater than Eiidul Fitr and Eidul Adha; it is day that Adam and Eve were cast out of Heaven; it is also the Day forgave them. The Day of Judgement will also be on a Friday, Al Yawm al Jumu’ah

Be ready for your death at any time

By Dr Husni Hammuda
“When death comes, the truth of what we have done with our lives will become manifestly clear…. Fill your life with good deeds. Be patient, be forbearing with others, be merciful, and The All Merciful will have mercy on you….”

How to earn the blessings of Hajj without actually being on Hajj

By Dr Husni Hammuda
Prophet Muhammad sws declared that: ““Whoever prays Fajr in congregation then sits remembering Allaah until the sun rises, then prays two rak’ahs, will have a reward like that of Hajj and ‘Umrah, complete, complete, complete.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (586).”

Raising good Muslim children

By Dr Husni Hammuda
“We cannot teach children by just telling them and not showing them by example. Our children look up to us and they model themselves on our behaviour….”