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By Moin Qazi
“There are few virtues which have as powerful an aura of divinity as forgiveness. Forgiveness is an opportunity to adorn our souls with Godliness. Forgiveness can take many forms, but at its most basic, it is the offer of goodness to the one who has hurt you…”

 Jews and Muslims United For This New Year

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“The Jewish and Muslim New Year will fall on the same day, or days this year; September 20, at sunset and September 20 until it gets dark. This is not surprising since both Islam and Judaism use a lunar calendar, which begins with the first evening sighting of the new moon. ..”

Natural disasters: punishment or test from God?

By Dr Muzammil Siddiqi
“Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fire and other natural disasters have been occurring throughout the passage of time.

Seeing the human suffering, death and destruction we are all shaken. It is difficult to forget the scenes of death, pain, cries of people, men women and children. Those who believe in God are concerned to know why God allowed these disasters to happen. Those who do not believe in God are ready to exploit this disaster to argue against God or His existence…”

When you behold Allah’s majesty…by Ibn Al Qayyim

By Ibn Al Qayyim
“He is perfectly knowledgeable of what rests inside the souls of His slaves, observing their every private and public affair. All alone, He manages His kingdom; He hears and sees, gives and withholds, rewards and punishes, honors and humiliates, creates and provides, takes life and gives it, portions and plans…”

A Hajj for future peace

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“The ritual slaughter of Qurbani (Korban in Hebrew) Halal/Kosher animals toward the end of all the ritual reenactments comes to teach everyone that: “Their flesh and their blood do not reach Allah, but the devotion from you reaches Him.” (Quran 22:37). This is the same basic understanding that the Hebrew Prophets and the Rabbis gave to the offerings in the Temple of Solomon. 

Thus we can understand why “Prophet Muhammad was once asked by his Companions: “O Prophet of Allah! What is this qurbani?” He replied, “It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim.”

Refugees: A Human Condition

By Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
“in 1492, the Ottoman
Sultan Bayezid II welcomed over 150,000 Jews fleeing Spanish persecution to Turkey, granting them citizenship and then building beautiful synagogues—many stand to this day—for the newly arrived refugees. In the 1840’s, during the Irish potato famine, Ottoman Sultan Abdul-Majid sent not only money but ships with grain to provide relief for the needy. In 1860, when local Druze attacked the Christian quarter in Damascus, Emir Abdelkader of Algeria saved over four thousand Christians, including the French consul and his staff, by giving them refuge in his compound and defending them with his Algerian troops…”

What is the purpose of your life?

By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lachporia
“We may live for 60 to 100 years on this Doonya, but we are going to spend  many, many years in eternity Insha’ Allah. This is the warm-up – the dress rehearsal. We were created by Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala for Him, and until we figure that out, life is a series of problems: ..”

The Quran’s message for all humanity

By Aslam Abdullah
“The Quran addresses human beings as “Ya aiyuhal Nas” (O Humankind) directly 306 times and indirectly more than two thousand times in its over 6,000 verses. In contrast the Quran specifically addresses Muslim men and women (Ya aiyuhal Muslimun/Muslimat/Muslimatun/etc) by name only 49 times. How can anyone refuse to share a copy of the Quran with non-Muslims? In fact, the first revelation that the prophet received was first recited by the Prophet to non-Muslims…”