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Open letter to the Manchester bomber

By Rafiq ibn Jubair
“What did you seek to achieve by indiscriminately targeting the innocent?
Did you seek to divide people and make them turn on one another?
On the contrary, it has united people of all faiths and brought the best out of them.
What did you seek to achieve by causing havoc and chaos?
Did you not study the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?
For in the Qur’an He is described as a Mercy to the whole of mankind…”

How Qur’an and Torah Support Each Other

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“Ramadan is the month when the Sacred Scriptures of Christians, Jews and Muslims were first revealed, so it is a good time to understand how they relate to one another.

Since all monotheistic scriptures come from the one and only God, we all should view other monotheistic religion’s scriptures as potentially enriching our understanding of our own scripture. Yet for almost 14 centuries almost all Jews, Christians and Muslims have read each others holy scriptures from an adversarial perspective.

This is because in the middle ages almost all readers thought of revelation as a zero sum sport like tennis (with only one winner) rather than a multiple win co-operative sport like mountain climbing. …”

Being Black and Muslim

By Ikran Dahir
“This Powerful Photo Series Is Showing What It Is Like To Be Black And Muslim In The US..”

South Africa’s Peaceful History with a Muslim Minority

By Shubnum Khan.
“South African Muslims have a long and peaceful history in the country and while Islamophobia and extremism has been on the rise globally, and cannot help but affect us here, religious tolerance is still one of South Africa’s strongest traits – and a story we don’t tell often enough. It is a shared history of struggle, a Constitution that protects religious diversity and a remarkable tolerance for difference from many South Africans…”

A deeper sense of Muslim Africa

“Islam has a very long history in Africa. In fact, it was introduced in the African continent even before it spread in Arabia, let alone the neighbouring countries of the Arabian Peninsula. The prophet Muhammad sent dozens of his companions to Ethiopia before the beginning of the Muslim calendar…”

The Sunna as Primordiality

By Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (Tim Winter).
Twentieth-century Western art is not a subject for which we Muslims have much time. The alert among us are conscious that it neatly represents the decline of the Western Christian worldview…

New York City Mayor Says “I Am a Muslim Too”

“Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke Sunday at a rally Times Square in support of American Muslims. He says it’s important to look beyond stereotypes and stand in solidarity with Muslims, who are a part of our country’s fabric…”