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New York City Mayor Says “I Am a Muslim Too”

“Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke Sunday at a rally Times Square in support of American Muslims. He says it’s important to look beyond stereotypes and stand in solidarity with Muslims, who are a part of our country’s fabric…”

On becoming a Muslim to be a faithful follower of Jesus

By Rev. Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre
“As a committed liberationist-leaning Christian, I may have no choice but to say the Shahada (the Muslim profession of faith) and convert to Islam if I wish to be faithful to my beliefs. One of the bedrock principles of any liberative faith tradition is “solidarity with the oppressed.” I discover my own salvation when I cast my lot with the poor and wretched of the world. The persecution Trump is unleashing on our Muslim brothers and sisters requires faithful Christians (and faithful Jews, and faithful Hindus, and faithful Buddhists, and faithful Humanists) to take a stand against persecution of anyone due to their faith, or lack thereof…”

A Christian’s apology, an Imam’s reply

By Abdul Hamid Lachporia
“I would like to tell your community that I am very sorry for what is happening to so many peaceful, loving Muslims around the world as a result of hate and terrorism.

I also want all Muslims to know that, as a Christian, I am sorry for the manner in which so many ignorant “non-Muslims”, Christians included, around the world have been treating Muslims and for the hate speech against Islam on social media…”

Muslim Refugee Ban Rejected By Jewish Leaders

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“President Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from entering the USA left much of the American Jewish community horrified — particularly as the announcement came on International Holocaust Remembrance Day…”

Allah and Brotherly Love Produce Holy Places

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“Throughout the Middle Ages in Europe, North Africa and west Asia, Jerusalem and Mecca were frequently portrayed by Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the center of their maps and thought of as the navel, heart or lungs of the world.

God willing, someday everyone may see both cities and their sanctuaries as central to our spiritual connection to the One God of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac.”

Mind Matter

By Raja Zarith Idris, Sulatanah of Johore, Malaysia.
“Every year, friends who are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs or those without any faith come to our home to celebrate Hari Raya with us. They do so with sincerity and as a mark of respect for one of the most important days in the Muslim calendar. Why should we not reciprocate their kindness, show them the same mark of respect for their religion and wish them the same joy on their holy days of celebration?…”

Mother Hagar: A Black Slave Woman From Mecca Who Still Inspires Millions…

“ much of this narrative resonates with today’s (predominately) male political and religious leaders across the Muslim world? If these men genuinely held Hagar up as the shining example of piety, patience and resolve that she clearly is, there would not be a glaring discrepancy between Islam’s demand for respect toward black women (indeed all women) and labour workers and how these populations are treated in some Muslim majority countries today.”

A big hit! Australia’s 1st Islamic film…

By Ilmfeed
““I think the message is universal, this is not just something that Muslims face but non-Muslims also, we’ve had many non-Muslims attend and enjoy the film….”