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Short Khutbah

A Good Time to be Muslim

By Arshad Gamiet
” Don’t be surprised if one day the descendants of Islam-haters and Muslim-baiters stand shoulder to shoulder with us in our Salaat. That’s entirely within Allah’s power. Allah has the power to do as He pleases…”

Challenges and Opportunities for Muslims in 2017

By Arshad Gamiet
” Let’s become visibly useful Muslims. Make Islam visible. Show that Islam is the best solution. Islam is not a problem, but lazy Muslims are. Protest marches by themselves are not enough. Anyone can make a noise and impress the world in front of a TV camera. That’s the easy bit. The hard bit takes longer, but it’s more effective. The hard bit is working day by day, to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people around you. When we do this, we earn love and respect for Muslims and for Islam…”

Ma sha Allah: Acknowledge Allah with gratitude (Sura Al Kahf)

By Osman Latif (Uthman Lateef)
“We should always humbly attribute our success and our wealth to Allah. Sura Al Kahf shows us the example of a man so puffed up with self-importance that he humiliated his poorer neighbour and forgot to thank Allah. His wealth was destroyed overnight, and his neighbour gently reminded him to acknowledge the Will of Allah; not to massage his own ego…

Trust Allah

By Arshad Gamiet
“It’s in a crisis that we show what we’re really made of. When we face a personal calamity, do we panic? Do we resort to desperate actions? Do we throw aside our moral and ethical values? Or do we calmly accept that Allah is testing us. Do we show our complete faith and trust in Allah? Do we do the right thing, even though it may be painful or difficult? This is the acid test. ..”

786 – What does it mean?

By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lachporia
“This old game of numbers was practiced by the ancient Egyptians, as did many other civilizations. Islam came to ELIMINATE ALL such superstitions, mysteries and numerological mumbo-jumbo. However, Muslims are still enslaved to the numbers game, and think that 786 represents Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem..”

The Dangers of Fitnah

By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lachporia
“By guarding our tongues against committing Fithnah, we take the first step towards happiness. We can do this by observing the rights of others which in turn will cause the roots of humanity and spirituality to grow, thus taking another step towards advocacy of noble traits on which the survival of every society depends. ..”

Prayers of the Prophets: Our Greatest Teachers

By Arshad Gamiet
“We may never have reflected on the origins of these prayers. Perhaps we take them for granted. Our parents and our teache1rs told us to memorise them. That’s it! But how many of us know the beautiful and inspiring back-story of these popular duahs?”

Why is the Muslim World so weak?

By Dr Hossam Roushdi
“The Quran makes a clear distinction between Muslims and Believers. Those who have complete faith and trust in Allah are true Believers. They have progressed from merely declaring their faith and observing the basic 5 pillars. The Believers have moved on to a higher level…..

Brexit, Trump and the Prophetic Way

By Arshad Gamiet
“The whole world seems to be anxiously awaiting the outcome of the US Presidential elections. Will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? In 4 days’ time we’ll know the answer. And: What about Brexit? Will it be a hard or soft departure from the European Union? What does all this mean for Muslims?”