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The single greatest verse in the Qur’an

By Shaykh Ahsan Hanif
“We ask Allah to make us love the Quran, and to follow its teachings. We ask Allah to let the Quran bear witness on the Day of Judgement, that we loved it and followed it to the best of our ability…”

How we lose our Iman (faith)

By Nouman Ali Khan
“Losing your faith comes gradually, not overnight. Beware of keeping bad company. Choose your firends wisely. Seek out friends who love Allah and do good…”

Islam is easy: We make it difficult!

By Nouman Ali Khan
“Sometimes, in our dealings with people, we are too impatient with them. We must be forbearing, mercifull, patient, just as Allah is patient with our own misbehaviour….”

Where are today’s Muslim historians?

By Dr Husni Hammuda
“600 years ago, Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah (Prolegomena, or Introduction to history) laid the foundations for modern Sociology and Demography. He saw history as a process of causes and effects, rather than just a list of dates and events. Where are our modern Muslim Ibn Khalduns? If we don’t write our own history, someone else will, using their own bias and prejudice. We will then only have ourselves to blame….”

Trump’s world: the implications for Muslims

By Ebrahim Rasool
“South African Muslims enjoy respect and affection of the Black majority because we played a key role in the struggle against Apartheid. The lesson for Muslim minorities elsewhere is simply this: Be inclusive, be generous, be visibly engaged in helping others establish social and economic justice. That’s how you ensure a safe future for Islam in your country….”

Islam and Ego

By Nouman Ali Khan
“If you’re listening to this and thinking: “Ah, I must get so-and-so to hear this. It’s for them!” … then you have a problem. This talk isn’t meant for others. It’s for you! You may think you’re OK, that other people have a problem with their egos. No, It’s you! Start with yourself first….”

Albanian Muslims who sheltered Jews in WW2

Forwarded by Dr A Rahman Khan
“Albania was the only European country to have more Jews after the war than before it began. In today’s difficult times, stories like these need to be appreciated more widely. During the Nazi occupation of WW2, at great personal risk, many Albanian families hid Jewish families, treating them as their own…”

Jesus in Islam, by Yusuf Estes

By Yusuf Estes
Yusuf Estes (born in 1944) is an American Muslim preacher and teacher who converted to Islam in 1991. He was the National Muslim Chaplain for the United States Bureau of Prisons through the 1990s.