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Atif Jung, Page 2

Guard your tongue!

By Atif Jung
“The lowest level of fasting is to go without food, water or sexual relations. The higher level of fasting is to guard your eyes, ears and tongue from what displeases Allah….”

Our duties towards each other

By Atif Jung. “In a well known Hadith, Prophet Muhammad sws said: “Do not envy one another, do not despise one another, do not inflate prices for one another, do not turn your backs or cut off relations with one another….”

If you knew him, you’d love him…

By Atif Jung.
“Allah swt granted every Prophet a special request. Prophet Muhammad sws requested intercession for his Ummah, his followers, on the Day of Judgement. Gabriel found him weeping, with hands outstretched to the heavens, pleading Allah to have mercy on all the Believers; “My Ummah, my Ummah, my Ummah, he pleaded for us all, repeatedly…”

Why our prayers aren’t answered

By Atif Jung
“Before Allah answers our prayers, we must ensure that we are sincere, humble and utterly dependent on Allah. We must be patient. We must also ensure that our food, drink and earnings are from Halaal [permissible] sources…”

Allah’s rights, and our rights

By Atif Jung
“Prophet Muhammad said that if Allah’s servant gives Allah His right to be worshipped exclusively, worshipping nothing and no-one else, then Allah’s servant has the right to expect nothing less than Paradise in the next life. The Companions asked, “Can we share this good news with everyone?” “No” said the Prophet, “just in case they rely too much on this and become lax in their other duties.”

Sincere advice to students and young people

By Atif Jung
“As a new student you may well be away from your family for the first time. Remember that Allah is with you. Remember that there’s no place you can hide from Allah…..”

Burmese persecutions and Sura Al Buruj

By Atif Jung
“The persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Burma today, reminds me of the People of the Ditch, described in Sura Al Buruj. These were innocent believers killed only because they are Muslim, because they worship Allah …”

Tafsir of Sura Al Qari’ah

By Atif Jung
“Nothing in our experience can prepare us for the Final Day, the Day of Judgement, when the Trumpet will be blown….

Envy, the fire that consumes good deeds

By Atif Jung
“Those who envy others are dangerously close to the border between faith and unbelief. By envying others, they are really not pleased with Allah’s decree, and that’s a very serious matter…”

Showing off or Sincerity to Allah?

By Atif Jung
“Allah will only accept your good works that are done exclusively for Him, and not to show off or to impress other people…”