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Atif Jung

Mercy, Compassion and spreading Peace

By Atif Jung
“In just 23 years, the Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah transformed the most backward people into the best community sent to humankind… That transformation began within the hearts of the Believers. Our own transformation must begin within our own hearts, so that we can become like our noble predecessors, a healing for the ailments of our wider society..”

How to thank Allah in the best way

By Atif Jung
“There are countless reasons, both apparent and hidden, for our gratitude to Allah. We are utterly, entirely dependent on Allah. Showing gratitude to Allah is an integral part of Faith, Iman…”

Prepare for Ramadan

By Atif Jung
“Fasting is not just about being hungry and thirsty. It’s about training ourselves to be constantly vigilant over our thoughts, words and deeds; it’s about being fully Allah-aware at all times. This is the real meaning of Taqwa…”

Hardship: A Test of Faith and Patience

By Atif Jung
“As believers, we know that this life is not our final destination. The Quran promises us that we will be tested to our limits of endurance, to sort out the true from the false…”

Choose your friends wisely

By Atif Jung
Young Muslims, and students in particular, should take great care in whom they choose for close friends. It is very easy to fall under the influence of people whose values and behaviour undermine our faith/iman…”

Muslims and Christmas

By Atif Jung
“While we Muslims respect our Christian friends and neighbours, we do not celebrate Christmas. The Pagans had a winter festival which was adopted by Christians and later evolved into the event known as Christmas today…”

Obey Allah, and follow His Prophet sws

By Atif Jung
“It is not acceptable in Islam to say that we follow the Quran but we reject the Hadith, the traditions of Prophet Muhammad sws. He embodied the Quran. He was like a living Quran. Everything he said and did were recorded as his Sunnah. His Hadith interprets and explains the Quran to us……”

Why doesn’t Allah answer my prayers?

By Atif Jung
“The Quran is not just there to be recited and forgotten. The Holy Quran must be read, understood and loved by us. Like Prophet Muhammad sws not only recided but also lived the Quran, day by day.

Killers who betray Islam and all Muslims

By Atif Jung.
“Prophet Muhammad sws foretold that a time would come when the liars will be believed, and the truthful ones will be ignored; a time when the treacherous ones will be trusted and the trustworthy will be under suspicion….
He also urged us never to break our word. A Muslim should always honour a Treaty, not only towards other Muslims but even to our enemies….”